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We exist to ensure that your journey through the digital commerce space is smooth, strategic and successful.

With a wealth of experience in assisting developers, publishers and eCommerce operators to identify and engage the right consumers, we can help you understand the bigger picture by taking care of the finer details. From building and executing tailored marketing plans, to connecting you with trusted partners, Crucial Path embraces your ambitions and ensures you have the guidance to achieve them.


For Game Developers

For Game Developers

Digital distribution opens the door for developers to reach players directly like never before. But as the market becomes increasingly competitive, it pays to have an experienced partner helping you correctly position your product. We offer in-depth guidance along the publishing path, as well as creating highly effective marketing plans and strategies that ensure your amazing creativity leads to stand-out success.

For eCommerce Operators

For eCommerce Operators

Sites generating revenue from eCommerce need detailed insights into how they can find deeper engagement with their customer. Crucial Path helps boost your efficiency by prescribing powerful methods for optimized acquisition and retention. Whether it's how to convert consumers into evangelists, improved discovery or building an effective social media strategy, we come alongside to optimize your potential .

For Publishers

For Publishers

Publishers can depend on our experience in the European market as they plan their EU roll-out strategy, while clients everywhere will profit from our know-how in the fields of pre-launch and live service planning, customer service, localization and operations.


Dirk Metzger

Dirk Metzger

Director & Founder

Dirk's diverse international background has seen him living in Sri Lanka, Germany, the US and the UK. His expertise in free-to-play/MMO gaming and online marketing has been built up over 14 years working with agencies and publishers around the globe, and he has played a leading role in regional and international operations for the likes of NCSOFT and ChangYou.

Previous work: AKQA, Cake, NCSOFT, ChangYou

Sven Schmidt

Sven Schmidt


Half French, half German, Sven can be forgiven for prizing creativity and efficiency in equal measure. Having helped juggernauts such as Yahoo! and Electronic Arts to take their online output to the next level, his 14 years of experience in digital marketing has granted him expertise in performance-driven campaigns, web and social media monitoring, customer behavior and eCommerce.

Previous work: WEB.DE, CDV, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Gameforge, Crytek

Kimberly Rodatos

Kimberly Rodatos

Project Manager

Once destined for a career in chemistry, Kimberly's passion for gaming ultimately proved to hold the winning formula for professional success. Previously serving as a project and product manager for multiple titles for Perfect World, before helping to develop the infrastructure for a publishing platform at Crytek. Her talent for optimizing complex processes and knowledge of free-to-play gaming make her Crucial Path's backbone for project management.

Previous work: Perfect World, Crytek




After working as a journalist in Scotland, Craig relocated to Germany to ply his trade as a senior editor with both Nintendo and Crytek. Over the years he’s conjured up content for hundreds of high profile online, print and television campaigns—even assuming the identity of Paris Hilton for a single Tweet! As a freelancer his clients have spanned everything from gaming to the financial industry.

Previous work: Johnston Press, Nintendo, Crytek



Feelgood Manager

Unquestionably the cuddliest member of the Crucial Path team, Berta’s lack of formal business experience is outweighed by her creative problem-solving skills. She is renowned for her insatiable appetite for fresh meat (commercial dog food brands will not suffice), and often vocalizes her need for attention during conference calls. Her mixed Carne Corso and Dogo Canario lineage ensures Berta is stubborn yet unreservedly affectionate – especially after a hard day’s work.




Evelyn boasts a unique skill set that has furthered her career across the spectrum of creative media. After successful spells as a digital designer and recording artist, she turned her passion for gaming into her profession. For over a decade she has taken the lead in planning and marketing worldwide events for industry leaders and innovative free-to-play publishers – consistently ensuring their presence is felt with gamers around the globe.

Previous work: Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Gameforge



"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


The digital publishing space

Crucial Path’s Dirk Metzger Talks to gamesindustry.biz

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.13.26

Earlier this week, Crucial Path Founder and Director, Dirk Metzger, contributed a guest editorial to gamesindustry.biz taking a look at how free-to-play gaming has evolved marketing practices within the industry as a whole.

The article touches on the challenges involved in transitioning from a traditional publishing model to the free-to-play sphere, and offers practical advice on how to maximize free-to-play marketing campaigns and analytics data.

Have a read of the article here, and see why Dirk’s thoughts compelled readers such as Head of Marketing at Amazon Game Studios, Steve Fowler, to weigh in and compliment his insights.

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