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Dirk Metzger

Dirk Metzger

Publishing Strategy & Infrastructure

Dirk has over 17 years of experience in formulating high-impact strategies for digital publishers. His work to date has spanned business development, corporate and product PR, publishing infrastructure, and developer relations. Having operated on the front line of digital publishing in Asia, North America, and Europe, his knowledge encompasses best practice across multiple regions and has produced results on projects of every scale.

Sven Schmidt

Sven Schmidt

Business & Marketing Strategy

During a 17-year career at the forefront of digital marketing, Sven has helped juggernauts such as Yahoo! and Electronic Arts to optimize their online output and embrace the rapidly shifting trends of the digital entertainment industry. His expertise spans from traditional retail distribution models, to Games-as-a-service, marketing automation and eCommerce – skills he now puts to use as a Founding Partner of Crucial Path to offer guidance on every aspect of formulating a winning business & marketing strategy.

Kimberly Rodatos

Kimberly Rodatos

Publishing and Development Strategy

With experience as a project manager and associate producer for several leading publishers, Kimberly boasts an extensive knowledge of what it takes to guide a game from initial concept to success in the live environment. She specializes in optimizing complex processes, coordinating detailed development roadmaps and fine-tuning the life-cycle strategy of digital products and platforms.




Craig has worked as a professional copywriter and editor for over a decade, creating content for some of the best-known brands in gaming. As a Senior Editor for both Crytek and Nintendo, he has helped to craft messaging around the Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Crysis franchises – as well as collaborating with third-party developers on hundreds of campaigns across console, mobile and PC.

Regina Leuwer

Regina Leuwer

Marketing & Content Strategy

Regina is a digital marketing consultant and content strategist. After earning a degree in journalism, Regina transitioned to the tech industry in 2008, taking on marketing roles at dailyme.tv and Fyber. In 2012, she became Head of Communications at app intelligence start-up Xyologic which was acquired in 2014. Since then, Regina is working as an independent consultant in the tech and mobile industry. Her focus is planning and executing holistic marketing and communication strategies.




For over a decade, Evelyn has played a key role in planning and marketing events for industry leaders and innovative free-to-play publishers – consistently making their presence felt with gamers around the world. Evelyn’s working knowledge of the global expo landscape helps to ensure clients’ all-important step into the public limelight is strategically planned, perfectly executed and provides maximum return on investment.

Sebastian Knopp

Sebastian Knopp

Growth and Product Strategy

Sebastian has over 16 years of experience in the tech-industry. He co-founded one of the first mobile marketing and development agencies in Southern Germany, headed-up product and marketing at Xyologic (later acquired by Digital Turbine) and helped building the marketing department at mobile games publisher flaregames. Sebastian strongly believes in rapid experimentation and testing when growing a product. His former career as a software engineer allows him to operate throughout the product and marketing stack.



Monetisation Strategy

With knowledge earned across AAA, mobile, and free-to-play titles, Philippe can offer guidance on every aspect of monetisation strategy – from concept-phase planning to post-launch analysis. With a background in leveraging Big Data, he can help to propel monetisation capabilities to a new level based on customer segmentation, behavior patterns, and sophisticated forecasting techniques, and has become a go-to source for leading developers and publishers looking to execute the most critical step of their development cycle in the most impactful way possible.



Communication Strategy

With more than 20 years’ experience in PR, Tanja successfully led communications for blockbuster brands like Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft and Valve’s Half Life 2 in German speaking markets and drove multiple global launch campaigns for games-as-a-service. Tanja has an excellent understanding of the many facets of PR and how they interact with social media channels and influencers. She has proven her skills in product- and crisis-PR, corporate communication, human relations and image campaigns with clients like Merz AG, Deutsche Bundesbahn and Melitta.


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